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DHA Supports Medical Guardianship Bill

DHA sent a letter of support to Senator Nicole Poore and Representative Ray Segfried, thanking them for introducing your Senate Concurrent Resolution 30, creating a study group to examine the issue of patient abandonment at hospitals and medical guardianship.

Typically, when a patient in hospital has recovered and is no longer acute, they are discharged to recover at home or in the care of a skilled nursing, long-term care, or other appropriate facility. When individuals are unable to make decisions for themselves, they may require a family member or a guardian to act as the decision-maker to facilitate the transition. In some cases, a family member abandons their relative and the patient is remains in the hospital. Our lack of adequate public guardians means having a guardian appointed is often long delayed, leaving the patient to languish in the hospital long after their period of acuity. The lack of a suitable decision-maker or guardian often leads to long and unnecessary hospital stays.

The study group created by this legislation would convene legislators, state officials, the Public Guardian, Court of Chancery, and other stakeholders to examine this issue in detail and report to the Delaware General Assembly and the Governor on their findings and recommendations.

Click here to read DHA's letter.

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