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Quality, Access and Improving Community Health

Delaware Hospitals provide high quality care to all we serve. We are working to ensure that all have access to needed health care services and receive quality, high-value care and to create and environment to make every Delawarean as healthy as they can be.

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Economic Value

Hospitals’ contribution to their communities extends far beyond the host of essential medical services we provide. Delaware hospitals and health systems provide a range of community benefit programs, as well as free and discounted care that allows all community members to access needed health care services. Delaware hospitals also serve as economic anchors and rank as the largest private sector employers in the state, as well as the largest private sector employer in each county within the state.

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Delaware Health Challenges At-A-Glance

Delawareans are older, have more chronic conditions and poorer lifestyle choices than average. The State’s poor ranking in population characteristics complicated by social and environmental health challenges drives health care costs.

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