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Human Trafficking Protocol

On May 8, 2019, the Delaware Healthcare Association’s (DHA) Human Trafficking Medical Committee unveiled recommendations for each hospital to adopt as part of a statewide approach to tackle human trafficking. Hospitals and other health care providershave a unique and important opportunity to identify and help victims since studies have shown that 88% of human trafficking victims were seen by a health care provider while they are being trafficked. 

The Committee’s recommendations, include the following:

1. Staff education with Human Trafficking 101 – Hospitals are encouraged to implement training using the National Human Trafficking Resource Center power point presentation, or similar content.

2. Use of Human Trafficking Assessment Questions – Intended to assist clinicians in identifying red flags in adults.

3. Implementation of Human Trafficking Algorithm – A step-by-step process of recognizing and responding to suspected trafficking, including links to key resources.

4. Use of ICD-10-CM codes for data collection on adult or child forced labor or sexual exploitation – Utilization of the codes is key to collecting data on trafficking that will better streamline future response and help with allocation of resources. Hospitals are encouraged to implement the codes with the help of the American Hospital Association fact sheet and training on use of the codes.  

5. Use of the Juvenile Memorandum – The memorandum developed by the Child Protection Accountability Commission (CPAC) provides an overview of how to address instances when a suspected victim of trafficking is a minor. Each hospital should discuss the memorandum with their legal department with regard to handling documentation. 

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