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Delaware Ranked #1 in the Nation for Hospital Maternity Practices


October 30, 2023

Christina Crooks Bryan
Cell: 302-245-1638

Delaware Ranked #1 in the Nation for Hospital Maternity Practices
America’s Health Rankings’ “Health of Women & Children Report” Cites Hospital Maternity Practices as one of Delaware’s Strengths
(DOVER, DE – October 30, 2023) America’s Health Rankings' recent report2023 Health of Women and Children Reportranks Delaware first in the nation for hospital maternity practices. 
“Delaware hospitals are committed to providing the highest quality infant and maternity care,” said Brian Frazee, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Delaware Healthcare Association. “We are proud to be first in the nation for the quality of care that Delaware hospitals provide to birthing individuals and their babies.” 
“Delaware hospital maternal health leaders meet regularly to discuss strategies to improve the quality of care for mothers and babies in Delaware. This collaboration, known as the Delaware Perinatal Quality Collaborative, will continue to work to ensure that mothers and babies in Delaware receive the best care possible,” said Dr. Garrett Colmorgen, Chair of the Delaware Perinatal Quality Collaborative.
The America’s Health Rankings “2023 Health of Women and Children Report” analyzes data using 122 measures from 34 distinct data sources. The hospital maternity practices ranking is based on the Centers for Disease and Prevention’s Maternity Practices in Infant and Nutrition Care (mPINC) survey score. That score is based on birth facility policies and practices regarding maternity care.
The report cites Delaware’s high hospital maternity practices score as one of Delaware’s strengths in terms of the health of women and children. It also cites some of Delaware’s challenge areas including the state’s high injury death rate among women and low WIC coverage among eligible children ages 0-4.
Delaware Healthcare Association and member hospitals will continue leading efforts that ensure quality of care and to work collaboratively to achieve our goal of all Delawareans reaching optimal health.  
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The Delaware Healthcare Association (DHA) was formed in 1967 and is a statewide trade and membership services organization that represents and serves hospitals, health systems, and related health care organizations in their role of providing a continuum of appropriate, cost-effective, quality care to improve the health of the people of Delaware. DHA’s mission is to provide policy and advocacy leadership in creating an excellent environment to support our members in helping every Delawarean to be as healthy as they can be.

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