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Delaware Healthcare Association Issues Statement on Gun Violence


June 13, 2022
Christina Crooks Bryan
Delaware Healthcare Association
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Delaware Healthcare Association Issues Statement on Gun Violence
Delaware Hospitals See the Effects of Gun Violence Firsthand
(Dover, DE – June 13, 2022) The Delaware Healthcare Association, the association for Delaware’s hospitals and health care systems, issued the following statement in response to recent gun violence:
“We are heartbroken in the wake of the recent mass shootings across our nation. In the last month alone, we have witnessed horrific acts of gun violence in schools, grocery stores, hospitals, and in our communities – places that all should know as safe spaces. Our hearts go out to the victims of these terrible tragedies, their families, and the survivors of these traumatic events.
As hospitals, we see the effects of gun violence firsthand. Gunshot victims are brought to our emergency departments in all three counties. Our providers give their all to save them, but sadly, some are beyond saving. Our caregivers grieve with their families and struggle with the weight of another life lost senselessly. 
Gun violence is a public health crisis.
The health care community will continue to do our part. We will continue to care for trauma patients. We will continue to provide behavioral health care to those in need. We will continue to do everything we can to make our health systems safe and secure for our dedicated health care workers, patients and their loved ones. 
We need everyone to step up and do their part to address gun violence. We urge policymakers and stakeholders to work together on legislative initiatives that encourage responsible gun ownership. We also need to work together on strategies that provide greater access to behavioral health care, address social determinants of health, and strengthen the safety of our schools and public spaces.            
We are committed to the health of Delawareans and all we serve, and we are ready to work together to end gun violence.”
About the Delaware Healthcare Association 
The Delaware Healthcare Association (DHA) is a statewide trade and membership services organization for hospitals and health care systems that serves as a leader in the promotion of effective change in health services through collaboration and consensus building on health care issues at the State and Federal levels. DHA’s vision is to be the leading and respected voice for hospitals and health care delivery systems in Delaware working together to deliver compassionate, accessible, high quality, financially sustainable health care to the patients and communities they serve. DHA’s mission is to provide policy and advocacy leadership in creating an excellent environment for enabling every Delawarean to be as healthy as they can be.

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