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Let's Flatten the Curve and Save Lives


by: Wayne Smith

We are in a serious situation with the COVID-19 virus (or coronavirus). The objective is to flatten the curve of infection so as to not overwhelm hospital resources and save lives. This is why governors are beginning to close states and we have been urged to practice social isolation.

Without these types of actions the infection would sweep through our population in a short period of time. The math is easy. If there were 100 cases needing ventilators at a hospital where they only had 20, triage would have to occur and those with the least chance of survival given comfort instead of treatment. Slowing down the rate of infection means hopefully the number needing ventilators at any one time would be less than 20.

Most of us who contract the virus will not need hospitalization nor suffer serious ailment. We will still, however, be able to infect others.

This long article from the Baltimore Sun offers really good advice on how to deal with a COVID-19 infection at home for the vast majority who will experience some level of cold type symptoms and not require hospitalization. It should be kept handy as a reference guide.

Be safe!

Wayne Smith is President & CEO of the Delaware Healthcare Association

(Link to the article referenced: