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DHA Raises Concerns with Medical Marijuana Proposed Regulations


DHA submitted comments March 8th to the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services Division of Public Health (DPH) expressing concerns with their proposed revisions to the Delaware Medical Marijuana Code. DHA's letter specifically raises the issue that an increase in the availability of edible marijuana products may also increase the accidental ingestion and potential overdose by children. Often, edible marijuana is produced in the form of cookies, brownies, gummies and other treats that children are naturally drawn to eating. Studies have shown that there has been an uptick in recent years in accidental ingestion of marijuana cases, possibly coinciding with more states legalizing recreational or medical cannabis use. 

Although medical marijuana is a tool that seeks to help patients with serious health conditions, DHA is concerned that an expansion of the medical marijuana program, particularly for edible products, may contribute to more accidental ingestions and increase the risks associated with ingesting more than the appropriate or prescribed amounts. Hospitals are on the front line when responding to and treating patients in these acute situations, which is why it is imperative for DHA to recommend against policies that could lead to more emergencies.

Click here to read DHA's comment letter.


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