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DE Healthcare Update E-Newsletter - May 2020


On May 22, 2020, the Delaware Healthcare Association sent out their Delaware Healthcare Update newsletter to legislators and health care stakeholders in Delaware.

In the e-newsletter, DHA President & CEO Wayne Smith shared DHA's video thanking hospitals and healthcare workers for everything they are doing to fight COVID-19 as part of National Hospital Week's "A Week of Thanks" initiative. Wayne also highlighted how Delaware hospitals are leading the way in the State's efforts to test for COVID-19. Delaware hospitals have conducted a majority of the COVID-19 tests in Delaware -- over 49,000 tests.

Wayne also asked for help in spreading the word that individuals should not delay seeking medical care because they are afraid of COVID-19. Delaware hospitals are safe and ready to care for all medical needs. Wayne recently did an op-ed on this topic, which was featured in the Delaware State News.

Finally, DHA once again pointed to the staggering financial impact that COVID-19 is having on Delaware hospitals, who have lost more than $5 million per day during the pandemic. The News Journal recently did a story on this impact, which can be found here.

To read the May 2020 e-newsletter, click here.

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