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DMOST Update for September 2018

Total Trained: 1208
·        From 9/01 to 9/30, 14 people accessed the training deck, and all passed the post-test
·        Since April 1, 2016 we have a 81.3% completion rate (676 users, 550 complete)
·        September Live Training:
o   ManorCare Pike Creek
o   Wilmington Hospital
  • Atlantic Shores
The DHIN and VYNCA are moving forward on the e-form and the registry.  

Lobbyists pushed hard on key bills of 149th General Assembly
July 22, 2018

From the middle of January to the beginning of July, they’re a regular sight at Legislative Hall, milling around in the hallways and chatting with lawmakers in the House and Senate chambers.

Lobbyists play a vital role in the legislative process, even in a state as small as Delaware.

The three most active companies or organizations in lobbying during the 149th General Assembly are all health-related, with the Delaware Healthcare Association leading the way by reporting activity in 469 instances in 2017 and 2018.


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