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Wayne Smith stepping down as President and CEO of the Delaware Healthcare Association



December 13, 2022
Christina Crooks Bryan
Delaware Healthcare Association
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Wayne Smith stepping down as President and CEO of the Delaware Healthcare Association
(DOVER, DE – December 13, 2022) The Delaware Healthcare Association (DHA), the state’s hospital trade group, announced that longtime president and CEO Wayne Smith is stepping down. 

“It has been a great fifteen years working with the remarkable people in healthcare in our state,” Smith said. 
Delaware Healthcare Association Board Chair Penny Short (President of TidalHealth Nanticoke Hospital) lauded Smith’s service.  “Over Wayne’s tenure and with his leadership, we’ve maintained a very positive environment in which to deliver hospital services.  Wayne leaves a strong association with dedicated and talented staff,” she said.
“I’ve enjoyed the challenges that come with guiding an organization frequently at the center of policy initiatives,” Smith stated.  “Delaware hospitals are some of the most creative and resilient in the nation and we’ve found willing partners with whom to address issues and opportunities.” 
Smith pointed to his role during the COVID-19 pandemic as some of his most rewarding work.  “I got to do things that never would occur in ‘normal’ times.  From structuring a hospital relief fund for our members, to standing up the rapid CNA training initiative for national guard members, to just recently attracting over 200 licensed nurses to step forward and help meet the pediatric RSV and flu surge.  This was important and significant stuff that had to turn on a dime because of crises in front of us.  The Governor and his team have been great partners with these creative and timely actions,” Smith stated.
After fifteen years, Smith said he was looking to doing something else for the next decade or so.  “While I’d like to lead Outward Bound expeditions, my next chapter probably still involves a computer, phone, and a suit. Sometimes, you just want a change of challenge or mission.  My good friend Bob Laskowski has frequently told me that everyone ought to move on after ten years.  By his counsel, I’ve overstayed by five.” 
“A new environment or something different is invigorating,” Smith reflected.  He noted that his career has seen significant changes from investment banker to construction company executive, to state legislator and House Majority Leader, and to running the state’s hospital association.
Smith will continue to serve DHA in an advisory capacity through February 28, 2023, while the association initiates a national search for his replacement.
About the Delaware Healthcare Association
The Delaware Healthcare Association (DHA) was formed in 1967 and is a statewide trade and membership services organization that represents and serves hospitals, health systems, and related health care organizations in their role of providing a continuum of appropriate, cost-effective, quality care to improve the health of the people of Delaware. DHA’s mission is to provide policy and advocacy leadership in creating an excellent environment to support our members in helping every Delawarean to be as healthy as they can be.


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