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The Delaware Healthcare Association Launches 'Thank A Nurse' Campaign


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The Delaware Healthcare Association Launches 'Thank A Nurse' Campaign

October 5th, 9:53 PM EDT
October 6th, 7:44 AM EDT
By Colby Yablon

DELAWARE- The Delaware Healthcare Association has launched its 'thank a nurse' campaign, which will run through the month of October. 

Many healthcare facilities and health organizations across the state are taking part in the initiative. Healthcare facilities participating in the campaign include Beebe Healthcare, Bayhealth, ChrisitianaCare, Nemours Children's Hospital and many more. 

Megan Williams, vice president of the Delaware Healthcare Association, said the motive for the campaign was in response to the long hours and hard work nurses have put in over the course of the pandemic. 

"Take a moment to thank a nurse," Williams said. "Nurses have impacted our lives in so many different ways and especially over the year and a half. Have been really central to our efforts. If you could just take a moment to thank a nurse either reaching out by phone or reaching out by note."

Lynne Voskamp, vice president of nursing operations at Beebe Healthcare, said she and her co-workers show gratitude toward nurses every day, but this month is for the public to express their support and thanks. 

"We say thank you to our nurses all the time but it means so much when it comes from the community and it comes from their peers  and other people in the healthcare industry," Voskamp said. 

There are many simple ways for the public to give thanks to nurses both locally and nationally. You can show your appreciation by writing a letter; simply saying thank you in person; being a listener to a nurses story and feelings; doing a small gesture such as buying a nurse a cup of coffee; or sending a message via social media and tagging #ThankaNurseDE.