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Delaware Hospitals Committed to Value-Based Health Care


Value in health care is a focus among Delaware Healthcare Association (DHA) members, the business community, government and our friends and neighbors who call Delaware home. DHA President & CEO Wayne Smith recently  discussed the movement to value in the article, Delaware Hospitals Committed to Value-Based Health Care featured in Delaware Business magazine.
Delaware is the seventh oldest state in the nation and the population of adults over age 65 continues to increase at a rate much faster than other states. Health care needs for a 60-year old cost 46% more per year than for someone age 50. Health care demands, and costs, will continue to rise to meet the growing needs of our state. The movement away from the traditional fee-for-service payment model to realign incentives to emphasize healthy behavior, population health and preventative care holds great promise in maximizing value in the health care system. Delaware hospitals have committed to moving toward value-based care, including the goal to have 60% of patients under value-based contracts by 2021. 
As long as we have partners committed to true value-based care, this new payment environment holds the promise of rationalizing costs while maintaining access and high quality service delivery. DHA will keep you updated as our hospitals and health care delivery systems work with insurers and our state partners on the move to value-based care.

Click here to read Delaware Hospitals Committed to Value-Based Health Care by Wayne Smith. 

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