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Delaware Health Forward – Hospital at Home


Delaware Health Forward – Hospital at Home
October 19, 2021
Want to know more about the future of health care? Interested in knowing how Delaware hospitals are innovating to advance quality, outcomes and the patient experience? Tune in to our new series, Delaware Health Forward. This video interview series will dive into innovative programs that our nonprofit hospitals are undertaking that move us all forward in making Delaware as healthy as possible.
The first episode of Delaware Health Forward focuses on Beebe Healthcare’s Hospital at Home program, which allows patients to be treated for their medical condition in their own home as a substitute for traditional inpatient, in-the-hospital care. This program has numerous benefits, including that patients tend to recover better in the comfort of their own homes.
The video features DHA's Wayne Smith interviewing Beebe Healthcare's experts: Lynne Voskamp, DNP, RN, CEN, Vice President of Nursing Operations and Continuum of Care, Chief Nursing Officer, and Administrator of Home Care Services, & William M. Chasanov II, DO, MBA, FACP, Vice President and Chief Population Health Officer.
Click here to check out Delaware Health Forward